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1. For the purpose of saving and protecting people inside the building:

- Safe evacuation of people from the building within a specified period of time;

- Creation of a certain safe area or room in a building within a specified period of time.

2. For the purpose of property protection:

- Fire protection of various units, sections of the building structure, and inventory;

- Resistance to the spread of flame within the limits of the object;

- Protection (isolation) of objects from the flame effects.

The RE-FLAME™ coating, as a highly effective fire-retardant composition, can be used in construction in the following places and structural units:

1. Areas of wooden walls next to electrical wiring.

Loose connections of electrical wiring laid on wooden surfaces can lead to overheating and short circuits. In this case, the wooden surface can burst into flame in a matter of seconds. The application of RE-FLAME™ underneath electrical wiring paths practically eliminates the risk of fire due to short circuits on its surface.

2. Structural wooden constructions.

In the event of a fire inside the premises, the biggest hazard is hidden in the structural wooden constructions, which, when burnt, cease to perform their function, involving a sudden and rapid collapse of the structure and, very often tragedies. Treating the entire area of the structural wooden constructions with the RE-FLAME™ coating eliminates the risk of floor collapse, bringing down human and property losses to a minimum.

3. Walls and ceilings around chimneys and air ducts.

Damaged chimneys and ventilation ducts become the main source of flame spread across floors. Therefore, the RE-FLAME™ applied to the wall and ceiling surfaces around these elements can act as a barrier to block the spread of fire.

4. Walls behind electric switchboards.

An electric switchboard is a place for the installation of electric meters, input distribution automatic fuses, residual-current devices, etc. This node commutes the highest electrical loads of the building. In this regard, this node represents a source of increased danger of overheating and fire of electrical wiring, metering devices, and faulty automatic shutdown devices. Treating the section of the wall behind and around the electric switchboard helps to prevent the inflammation of these sections of the wall in case of a fire within the switchboard.

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