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On February 7, 2018, a large “round table” was held at the Ministry of Construction of the Sverdlovsk Region with the participation of representatives of the construction industry, in particular, architects, designers, specialists in materials science, energy saving, etc. As part of this event, the use of modern materials and technologies, including products manufactured by Innovative Technologies LLC, was actively discussed. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the official publication of the Ministry of Construction of the Sverdlovsk region - the magazine "Stroykomplekt Middle Ural".

The company was founded in 2004 and is engaged in the development, production and implementation of high-tech materials and solutions in the field of protection of structures and ensuring human comfort and safety in the construction and industry.


Today we will test a multifunctional saw for any materials, a smartphone app that tracks stress levels and gives advice on how to deal with them, as well as paint that replaces insulation.

As a graduate of the Kazan Aviation Institute, conquers the world with its know-how - the insulating material, which warmed the balconies, even in the "Green house" on Gogol Street.

“We are not represented only in Australia,” says Anton Gaidouk, owner of “Innovative Technologies”. As a foreman at one of the construction companies in Kazan, he opened a business selling innovative insulating paint, developed by NASA. Then it turned out that Kazan scientists can develop the material as well. The entrepreneur told BUSINESS Online about whether the designers are corrupt in Russia and how to deal with delays, buying alarm clocks at Metro.

A strange thing - at different levels, we declare the need for import substitution, the introduction of innovations, budget savings, but when it is necessary to make an appropriate decision, officials for some reason cling to the old.

Recently, an inter-regional specialized exhibition “Crimea. Construction Industry. Energy Saving”, where the Innovative Technologies enterprise from Kazan presented its achievements.

Each person, speaking or thinking of the house, means first of all comfort. But besides comfort there is such an important aspect as safety. Only this is not the security from robbers and hooligans, which we usually think about, but protection from the harmful effects of man-made and natural nature, which include harmful evaporation of materials, electromagnetic radiation, industrial emissions, etc. But among them there is an extremely dangerous, and sometimes deadly, impact of a natural character from which there is practically no protection, which is not determined by conventional methods, and about which one does not particularly like to spread. This is the effect of Radon gas 222.


  • Magazine "Construction"

Due to the constant increase in prices for heat carriers, many of us think about how we can most effectively keep the heat in the house, while reducing payments for heating. To implement these tasks, there are many ways that can be applied both individually and in combination. But in order to approach this process correctly, you need to remember a bit of physics.

As is known from the physics course, heat is distributed in various environments from “hot” to “cold”. So, when the question is about insulation, then many, believing that it is necessary to block the access of cold to the object being insulated, are mistaken. The task is quite different: Reduce heat loss from the insulated object to a cold environment, for example, from a house to the street.

  • Magazine "Construction"

The use of metals from ancient times faced the problem of corrosion; the only solution was to carefully and permanently care for their surface. A little later, the surfaces of metals were coated with oils, which was the first decision to protect their surface from corrosive processes. The oil prevented the interaction of the metal with water and its vapors contained in the air, which caused a decrease in the formation of iron hydroxides Fe (OH) ³, which we call rust.

  • Magazine "Construction"

Mold is the common name for fungi, which are of several types: blue fungi, mold, yeast and rot fungi. They are common almost everywhere and accompany a person from the moment of his appearance. Mold is a special part of wildlife, which is located at the turn of the plant and animal world. On the one hand, it has signs of plants (immobility, apical growth, cell walls), and on the other, signs of an animal (presence of chitin, formation of urea, nutrition with organic matter, lack of photosynthesis). Under favorable conditions, fungal spores grow into mycelium.

  • Innovations vs. Classics

The management companies of the city began to apply a unique material for pipe insulation. In the summer, some Novokuznetsk management companies conducted an experiment. And instead of the usual glass wool, nanotechnologies were used: the pipes in the basements were insulated simply by painting them. Heat is not worse at all, although the coating layer is only 1.5 millimeters. Sergey Skvortsov, director of the management company: “In the traditional thermal insulation, with little damage or fogging of the pipeline, the corrosion process begins quickly and the pipe fails. When using liquid thermal insulation RE-THERM, this all happens on the eyes and even slight damage is noticeable. We immediately detect leaks, and pipe corrosion does not occur, because this insulation is still anti-corrosion. ”

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