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Comfortable microclimate and home environment are of great importance. It is always nice to return to a quiet cozy home after a busy day in the city that is filled with a different palette of everyday sounds - from cars and noise from construction equipment, ending with the general background, created by the work of office equipment. Every day we hear millions of sounds, some of them are beyond our ability to perceive. All of them, one way or another, have an indirect impact on the functioning of our body and quality of life.

Pre-existing building codes could not take into account the level of noise, which is now present in busy cities. Therefore, the thickness of the walls of enclosing structures of buildings 70-80 – s are not able to absorb sound waves effectively. Therefore, residents of such houses often become "listeners" of the personal life of their neighbors. In some houses, residents feel discomfort from the sounds associated with the operation of pumping stations, elevators and sewage in the basement of the houses. In modern buildings, the thickness of the enclosing structures is greater, modern materials are used in the construction. Some of them are partially able to absorb sound vibrations, thereby preventing the spread of sounds.


Another problem of residents of houses is the proximity to the busy traffic interchanges, which do not stop even at night. This also includes residents of houses located near the railway tracks, where the passage of each train is clearly audible inside the apartment. Moreover, as the trains move day and night, the quiet rest and quality sleep do not have to think.

Thus, the above-mentioned problem of sound insulation in apartments is quite common. Today there are several options for solving this problem. Our company developed sound-insulating compound SR-GLUE that allows absorbing sound waves effectively due to perfectly selected components, thereby preventing their spread indoors. However, if earlier installation of sound insulation system was quite time-consuming process, with the technique of working with our sound insulation composition cope even nonprofessional, observing a simple and written in accessible language manufacturer's instructions. In the development of this material, we, as in all our products, put the convenience and ease of use, environmental friendliness in combination with a high level of quality of the finished product at the forefront. These parameters are especially important when we talk about the materials that we plan to use in residential areas. The small thickness of the sound insulation layer makes it possible to use it even in small rooms, without fear of reducing space.


Recording and radio studios

Professional activity in any industry implies adherence to certain standards or norms that are regulated by the internal requirements of organizations and the state. In particular, speaking about the work of recording studios, radio studios, special attention should be paid to ensuring a high level of sound insulation. First, it affects the quality of work of such organizations that is related directly to the lack of extraneous sounds and other sound effects that distort the purity and quality of the broadcast and recorded material.


As a rule, television and radio studios are small rooms that limits the use of certain soundproof materials significantly. The fact is that special systems of additional sound insulation of premises are sometimes very massive, reducing the small space of the studios. Moreover, many materials are only effective in absorbing medium-and high-frequency sound waves without blocking low-frequency sound waves. The use of SR-GLUE sound insulation compound in sound insulation systems in combination with sheet materials can provide a level of sound insulation comparable to a conventional non-insulated enclosure structure with a thickness of 1200 mm.

Cinemas, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes

Modern shopping centers are equipped in such a way that it is convenient for visitors to make purchases, visit entertainment centers for adults and children, as well as to accompany all this with a delicious lunch in a cafe. For this purpose, the construction of shopping centers take into account all these needs of customers and design complex centers, visiting which the buyer gets everything in one place. Sound insulation materials are used in such institutions for a long time because without special noise-absorbing solutions we would not be able to stay inside shopping centers for more than ten minutes. These materials are especially necessary for cinemas, children's rooms, as these rooms are the most powerful sources of the origin and distribution of sounds.

It often happens that commercial areas for restaurants, cafes are located on the first floor of a residential building. This fact can cause inconvenience to the work of such institutions at night, when loud music and communication of visitors continue after midnight. However, in case of appeal of residents to the appropriate authorities with a complaint a legal person may be fined.


Industry and administrative facilities

As a rule, any human activity is associated with the implementation of a certain order of processes. The same can be said about the processes taking place in manufacturing plants, workshops, etc. Operation of equipment, various installations, machinery associated with a steady stream sound different in range and intensity. Naturally, it is difficult for a person to be in such conditions during the working day when the load on the hearing exceeds the maximum permissible norms. All this, one way or another, affects the general condition and functioning of all human systems. For example, in large factories, conveyor industries, where the process stops only on the days of preventive maintenance, and the operation of equipment and machinery involves the constant presence of noise, with the standard working hours all this is a serious test for employees. In order to avoid the harmful effects of this noise on the health of staff, normative documents on occupational safety and the creation of favorable working conditions have been created. In this regard, the question of reducing the sound load on the hearing organs and the body as a whole becomes relevant.


Personnel employed directly in the workplace; in workshops with high levels of noise, load labor protection service is prescribed the use of personal protective equipment (headphones). However, what about the staff, the premises of which may be located in the neighborhood and whose activities are not related to production? As a rule, such personnel by the nature of their activities cannot perform their duties in headphones, because their work is related directly to communication with other people. Sound insulation composition of SR-GLUE in combination with sheet materials is able to provide the necessary level of sound insulation of administrative and other personnel not directly involved in the production process at the enterprise. Moreover, SR-GLUE is able to prevent the spread of not only high-frequency sounds, but also low frequency, converting their energy into small amounts of heat. It is necessary to emphasize safety and environmental friendliness of application of this material that is provided at the expense of use at production of safe components.



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