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Industry is a sphere of human activity associated with special technological loads on objects and special requirements in the production of works. In different areas of industry, requirements for objects and tools of production and operation can be quite different. Special requirements include increased fire safety, resistance to chemical compounds, vapors and liquids, mechanical strength, chemical stability, high temperature resistance, hygienic safety, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and even resistance to radiation.

S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings are highly effective means of surface protection, even at extremely small layer thicknesses. For example, the combination of s-COMPOSIT ZINC (0.3 mm thick) and S-COMPOSIT CARBON (0.3 mm thick) coatings applied to the inner side of the tank walls protects them from corrosion for 30 to 50 years. Moreover, this despite the constant exposure to water! The same combination of S-COMPOSIT coatings allows protecting the metal from corrosion under constant exposure, for example, 19% nitric acid for up to 15 years!

Small working layer thickness makes the coating S-COMPOSIT fireproof. When exposed to a flame source, the coating does not burn but only decomposes under the influence of temperature without creating a risk of fire spread.

Included in the composition of polyurethane coatings S-COMPOSIT corrosion inhibitors and anti-corrosion agents (such as zinc and aluminum powder)  allow to perform galvanizing metal using standard painting operations directly on the object: using a roller, brush, spray. The ability of applying S-COMPOSIT protective compounds on a rusty surface directly provides significant savings in labor costs for surface preparation. At the same time, the anti-corrosion qualities of the metal surfaces treated with the S-COMPOSIT composition are not inferior to the qualities of the metal surfaces galvanized in the factory.


Chemical stability and neutrality of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings to various liquids allow them not to affect the stored liquids, even if they are constantly in containers covered with these compounds. Coatings can be used in the food industry to protect surfaces from various types of exposure, even in direct contact S-COMPOSIT with food and drinking water. A number of tests have been carried out for compliance with these properties. A conclusion about the compliance of the S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings with the requirements for materials allowed to constant contact with drinking water and food has been made.

High resistance of S-COMPOSIT to abrasion, pressure and impact resistance, in combination with the highest adhesion and actually splice with concrete and other crystal bases, allow applying them on the floors of industrial enterprises, shopping and administrative centers, car services and other facilities that require protection from the impact of mechanisms and heavy equipment.

The unique protective properties and safety of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings allow applying them in a wide range of industrial enterprises:

  • drinking water treatment and storage;
  • engineering;
  • food production;
  • light industry;
  • farming;
  • chemical production;
  • cellarage;
  • research institute;
  • production of plastics;
  • woodworking enterprise;
  • oil-producing and oil-refining enterprises;
  • electrical and heat power engineering;
  • etc.

Construction and housing

The use of innovative building materials in the repair of existing and construction of new buildings gives a number of advantages over existing construction technologies. New materials and new technologies allow making buildings lighter, warmer, stronger, more durable and at the same time reduce their cost. However, before any technology or material is allowed to use in a particular industry, they should be tested for key parameters and certified.

Coatings used to protect building structures from various types of external influences are tested for the following types of properties:

  • Fire safety. S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings are applied in a thin layer and when exposed to the flame, removing heat to the base, do not pose a risk of fire spread when it occurs.
  • Ecological compatibility. The composition of the polyurethane compositions S-COMPOSIT includes highly stable polymers, which only some types of concentrated acids can dissolve. Thus, in the operation process, the coating is not decomposed and its particles are not release into the environment.
  • Durability. The use of high-quality raw materials, special additives and nanomaterial, combined with strict observance of technological operations and quality control in the manufacture of polyurethane coatings S-COMPOSIT, allow providing them a record durability. (At least 15 years under the influence of external factors: UV radiation, temperature changes, humidity fluctuations and from 30 to 50 years indoors (in the absence of exposure to UV radiation)).
  • Target efficiency. The practice of using S-COMPOSIT coatings shows unique results from their use in the most severe conditions.

In the construction of new buildings and in the repair of existing ones, can be used polyurethane coatings S-COMPOSIT for galvanizing and giving an attractive appearance to metal structures, dedusting and hardening of concrete. Also giving a pristine appearance and extending the life of monuments, reducing the degree of mechanical impact and the impact of aggressive chemical compounds (acids, alkalis, salts, oil products, etc.)


Application on concrete, plaster, brick, wood

S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings provide hydrophobicity to building materials (concrete, mortar, brick, gypsum, cardboard, wood, etc.), They do not allow water substances, salt solutions, oils, oil products, acids, alkalis and other materials to be absorbed in them, that can effect on the integrity and durability of these materials. The polyurethane compositions S-COMPOSIT can high performance apply in the construction and housing to surfaces such as:

  • concrete floor;
  • paving stone;
  • wood structures;
  • gypsum walls and plasters;
  • cement-sand and lime mortar plasters;
  • wall of sand-lime bricks and ceramic bricks;
  • natural and artificial stone surfaces;
  • blind spots around buildings;
  • monuments of marble and sandstone;
  • underground and above-ground parking.

Protection of metal against corrosion

The applying of polyurethane compositions S-COMPOSIT for protection from corrosion and abrasion can extend the service life of metal surfaces for a long time. The ability to apply S-COMPOSIT on a surface with a corrosive coating facilitates and simplifies the application process, saving the customer's money, the contractor's strength and the time spent on the production of works. Due to the high degree of resistance of S-COMPOSIT coatings to a wide range of effects, they are used in construction and repair on surfaces such as:

  • metal bearing structures (beams, trusses, etc.));
  • elements of stair structures (steps, fences, frames);
  • storage tanks for liquids and bulk materials (including grains) both outside and inside (including drinking water and oil products);
  • pipelines for various purposes (with carrier temperature from -60C to + 120C) and shut-off valves;
  • sheet metal roofs;
  • lamppost;
  • metal inputs and their boxes;
  • fences and gates.


The transport sector of human activity puts forward special requirements for the used materials, equipment and skills of specialists. Transport facilities are always high-risk objects. Therefore, they must be checked carefully for compliance with the rules for each mode of transport.

S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings are used on service logistics and transshipment bases in order to protect the surfaces from the constant impact of loading mechanisms, weather factors, spilled liquids, maintenance personnel and for protection the vehicles themselves.

Huge volumes of cargo are circulating at the logistics bases daily. In their manufacture and packaging uses a variety of materials (metal, wood, plastics, etc.). The constant movement of goods at the warehouse sites, the movement of staff and loading mechanisms creates enormous loads on the coating of the floors. In the absence of protective coatings, these surfaces are quickly destroyed and require constant repair, but it is difficult at the current site. Additional effects may include by various liquids that may flow from the package if the goods are handled carelessly or if they are not packed properly by the shippers. In addition, the liquids spilled from the loading mechanisms (fuel, lubricating fluids, antifreeze, etc.) have a negative impact. S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings effectively protect a variety of surfaces and structures of logistics bases from such effects, extending the service life of concrete floor coverings, metal structures, etc.

Means of transport need constant protection from external factors in order to extend the service life. In the application of coatings designed to protect vehicles, great attention is paid to their flammability and fire safety. Polyurethane compositions S-COMPOSIT have excellent adhesive properties to the metal surfaces of vehicles, which allow protecting them from corrosion and do not exfoliate from them at metal deformations. At the same time, high efficiency at small thickness of S-COMPOSIT coatings ensures fire safety of vehicles due to rapid heat removal and the absence of the combustion reaction.

In transport industry, polyurethane coating S-COMPOSIT can be used for anti-corrosion, chemical and mechanical protection on the following sites:

  • cars and trucks;
  • rolling stock;
  • sea and river vessels of different purposes;
  • floors and metal structures of logistics bases;
  • sea and river ports;
  • service stations (car services);
  • construction of railway stations;
  • sites in areas of the gulf of fuel at petrol stations;
  • bridge construction;
  • etc.

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