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Due to their unique qualities coatings RE-THERM in many cases act as an indispensable means in question decision of heat savings in various spheres of human activity.

RE-THERM has many unique qualities such as ultra-low thermal conductivity, liquid consistency, ease of application, ability to apply on a hot surface, high adhesion, thin layer, lightweight, environmental cleanliness, water resistance, resistance to the external environment and vandalism, durability, pleasant aesthetic appearance.


Liquid insulation in construction

Construction is a complex and responsible process due to a variety of strict requirements and regulations. Re-THERM thermal insulation coatings meet those requirements. All confirmed by the relevant certificates and conclusions, their use is permissible in the construction and reconstruction of residential premises, children's and public institutions.

Re-THERM coatings act as a complex protective layer for structures; have unique properties for thermal insulation materials, resistance to the external environment, installation method (by coloring), lightweight and volume, pleasant aesthetic appearance.

We recommend RE-THERM for heat-insulation:

  • Facade of buildings;
  • Roofs, floors, structural elements;
  • Utility rooms and basements;
  • Cold and hot water pipelines;
  • Heat nodes, junctions;
  • Conditioning system;
  • Heating system;
  • Heat and waterproofing of inter-panel seams;
  • Window and door slopes;
  • Other.

Repair and utilities

Insulation of the ceiling is a very important matter. The quality of insulation depends not only on the amount of heat consumed by the building but also the condition of the entire room and its walls. Today there are many ways and methods of warming. Some of them are outdated and some are rapidly developing following the progress of modern science. The best insulation of the ceiling is carried out using the most modern technologies, namely – nanomaterial. This type of thermal insulation is among the liquid materials that have many advantages over the rest (from financial to operational).

We recommend RE-THERM for heat-insulation:

  • Walls, facades of buildings, foundations;
  • Structural elements, inter-panel seams;
  • Attic, loggias and balconies;
  • Window and door slopes (up to 20% of heat loss occurs through slopes);
  • Space behind the radiator (shielding from wall heating)
  • Cold and hot water pipelines;
  • Heating equipment and units;
  • Technical, auxiliary, basement rooms;
  • Roofs, floors, beams of frames;
  • Conditioning system;
  • Etc.


Production is the key and the most energy-intensive sphere of activity of modern man. The energy intensity of the production process is inevitably reflected in the cost of output. RE-THERM thermal insulation coatings can significantly reduce heat losses, prevent condensation and ensure the safety of personnel near high-temperature equipment.

RE-THERM coatings have sufficient elasticity, high adhesion, resistance to a number of chemicals; resistance to long-term dynamic loads, temperature and moisture changes and provide protection against corrosion. The coatings do not contain fibrous inclusions, are easy to clean, meet strict sanitary requirements in the food industry. They are applied by painting on the surface of any configuration.

We recommend RE-THERM for heat-insulation:

  • High/low temperature process equipment;
  • Process pipelines, valves and shut-off valves;
  • Cold and hot water pipelines;
  • Conditioning system;
  • Heating system;
  • Enclosing structures of buildings and structures;

Heat power engineering

Heat power is the heart of social life in a harsh climate. It is important to save the generated heat and to transfer it to consumers with the least losses.

The liquid consistency allows applying thermal insulation coatings RE-THERM by staining (including non-contact) on the valve of any shape without stopping technological processes, including in areas with a difficult access. Application method, durability and absence in additional protection of insulated surfaces provide a significant economic effect of the use of ultra-thin thermal insulation coatings RE-THERM in relation to traditional methods of insulation.

The coatings form a protective anti-corrosion layer and contribute to an increase in the service life of structural elements of thermal networks and its individual components. Durability, reparability, resistance to external environment and vandalism makes RE-THERM coatings an indispensable tool for improving the efficiency of production and transmission of heat.

We recommend RE-THERM for heat-insulation and waterproofing:

  • Main pipeline;
  • Sections and units of heat supply networks, shut-off valves;
  • Heat insulation of air ducts, flues;
  • Heat and waterproof insulation of the supporting structures;
  • Technological equipment;
  • Tanks and storage;
  • And other.


Transport is transportation, weight, volume and constant vibration. RE-THERM coatings are irreplaceable in the field of thermal insulation of trailers, air and water vessels, railway rolling stock. Heat-insulating coatings RE-THERM have a very lightweight, low volume, high vibration resistance, resistance to environmental impacts, sustainability.

Thermal insulation coatings RE-THERM provide a general reduction of heat losses in winter, protection from overheating in summer, prevent condensation, fungal formations. Re-THERM coatings form a protective waterproofing anti-corrosion layer, helping to increase the service life of technical elements.

We recommend RE-THERM for heat-insulation:

  • Ship hulls, surfaces of car bodies, refrigerators;
  • Components and on-board equipment;
  • Air duct and air conditioning systems;
  • And other.


The vault is a strict adherence to storage technology. The composition of RE-THERM corresponds to sanitary-epidemiological and fire-prevention standards. It does not contain fibrous inclusions, has a resistant to the external environment and lightweight, a resistance to a number of chemicals. It is durable. It is applied by coloring on the surface of any shape and composition.

Heat-insulating coatings RE-THERM reduce overall heat losses during winter, protection from overheating in summer, eliminating condensation. The coatings form a protective anti-corrosion layer, helping to increase the service life of the structural elements.

We recommend RE-THERM for heat-insulation:

  • Surface of reservoirs and technological elements;
  • Nodes of the pipe networks, shut-off valves;
  • Heat and waterproof insulation of the supporting structures;
  • Technological equipment;
  • Elements of the frame of buildings, floors, roofs;
  • Heating equipment and units;
  • Air duct and air conditioning systems;
  • And other.

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