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R-COMPOSIT is a coating designed for waterproofing:

  • New roofs with most complex geometrical shapes;
  • Areas where bitumen membranes are not suitable for use due to the complexity of the shape and construction of the roof;
  • Used roofs, having damage of the old bitumen layer, bitumen membranes, roll materials, slate, metal and ceramic roofs.

The benefits of applying R-COMPOSIT:

  • Seamless of the finish cover;
  • Waterproofing without the use of open flame and organic solvents. During application, R-COMPOSIT is not required to apply the "blowtorch", or organic solvents such as gasoline, diesel fuel, white spirit, etc. It provides absolute fire safety of the application process;
  • High strength and elasticity (tension 500 %);
  • Excellent adhesion to any roofing material and substrate;
  • Easy to apply. Even a non-professional is able to apply coatings R-COMPOSIT, according to a simple instruction;
  • High water resistance;
  • Not readily flammable material;
  • Ecological cleanness. The product is made of non-toxic components. Products have a hygienic certificate of state registration, valid in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • Easy to control the coating thickness using tinting. The coating is applied in two layers. Each layer of the composition can be given any color to control the thickness of the layer;
  • High resistance to atmospheric influences (UV-irradiation, temperature and humidity changes, etc.);
  • High speed and low cost of works on the waterproofing device;
  • Wide application temperature range;
  • Possibility of application without the use of special tools. To apply R-COMPOSIT on small surfaces the necessary tool is a paintbrush. In operation in large areas, you can use a high-pressure spray gun. At the same time, the productivity of work increases tenfold.

R-COMPOSIT is a high-tech composite one-component waterproofing coating designed for application on the surface with a brush, roller or sprayer.

After application on the insulated surface R-COMPOSIT forms a highly efficient, durable, resistant to mechanical and atmospheric influences, elastic coating, fully performing the function of waterproofing.

R-COMPOSIT provides a long service life of the waterproofing "carpet" and accordingly increases the service life of the base on that it was applied.

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