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Fire protection

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Our company has created a special paint coating RE-FLAME™ applied as a paint and creating a thin vapor-permeable ("breather") protective layer on the wood surface, preventing the wood surface from inflammation, fire spreading and damage by bark beetles.

The RE-FLAME™ fire-retardant coating looks absolutely similar to any ordinary wood paint on the surface. It is odorless in water-based modification and white by default with a matte surface. If necessary, this composition can be tinted in pastel colors, or painted with any paints. The fire-retardant properties of the coating begin to manifest in the case of an open flame source. Under the influence of an open fire, reaching a temperature of over 200 ºC, the components of the coating are activated, and on the surface of RE-FLAME™, there appears a hard-combustible carbonized foam with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. The thickness of the resulting carbonized foam layer is up to 100 times exceeding the initial thickness of the coating itself. That is, a 1mm thick layer of the RE-FLAME™ coating when exposed to the flame, expands in volume forming a protective foam layer up to 100mm thick!

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