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Buildings of livestock enterprises, where animals are directly kept, are objects with special requirements for the building materials used, construction technologies and engineering infrastructure. In the process of life, animals emit aggressive substances such as methane, acetone, ammonia and the like. These substances must be extremely promptly removed from the inhabited zone, but this cannot be done instantly, and therefore part of them can settle on enclosing and supporting building structures. Ammonia deposited on the surface of the supporting metal structure in a very short time leads to the appearance of rapidly progressive corrosion foci, which not only violate the aesthetic appearance, but also lead to a violation of the integrity and strength of the building.

On October 23, 2020 in Kazan in the "House of the Entrepreneur", the procedure for awarding the winners of the republican competition "Exporter of the Year-2019" was held. Our company, invariably, has been the winner of this competition in various nominations for several years in a row. This time we won the Best High-Tech Exporter Company nomination.

The construction projects of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and other power structures are highly responsible and often secret projects of state importance. For the use of construction and other materials at such facilities, a multi-level verification of documentation, quality and the counterparty itself is required. 

Thermal insulation work is one of the most difficult types of construction and installation work. As a rule, from design, choice of material and method of insulation and ending directly with installation, such work is performed by high-level professionals.

When it comes to thermal insulation of enclosing structures that previously had no finishing, thermal insulation is made using "classical" methods, followed by finishing in the form of plaster, siding, various panels, etc. In the case when the facade already has a finishing layer in the form of plaster, or the appearance of the facade cannot or does not need to be changed (architectural monuments, facades made with facing masonry, etc.), it would be most rational to resort to thermal insulation using an ultra-thin thermal insulation coating RE-THERM.

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan examined new and under construction objects within the framework of the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support of Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives", as well as familiarized himself with the activities of enterprises that launched projects on the territory of Technopolis "Khimgrad" this spring and summer.

On the day of the arrival of the head of the republic, an exhibition of personal protective equipment produced on the territory of Khimgrad was organized to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the products of Innovative Technologies LLC.

Porcelain stoneware is one of the most widely demanded finishing materials, and not only in the interior decoration of premises, but in the exterior. Due to its performance characteristics, it can withstand both mechanical and atmospheric influences. That is why porcelain stoneware is often used as a facade material, as well as a floor material on surfaces under the open sky, where there is a direct effect of ultraviolet radiation, precipitation, etc. 

Traditionally, on the eve of the builder's day, the results of the XXIV All-Russian competition for the best construction organization, building materials and construction industry enterprise for 2019 were announced. The competition is supported by the Russian Union of Builders, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Trade Union of construction workers and the building materials industry. The competition committee, which includes representatives of these departments, consider the submitted documentation for the participating companies, which reflects the main indicators of the competitor's activities. These include not only financial reporting data, but also indicators related to labor protection of employees, export activities, and the social orientation of the company. 

The facade of the building performs several important functions: firstly, the composition of the materials of the facade maintains a certain microclimate inside the premises, and secondly, it protects the supporting structures from external influences. That is why it is important to select such building materials that will perform all these functions in the long term. At the same time, with the development of construction technologies, it is also important to increase the overall energy efficiency of the structure, which helps to reduce the cost of utilities.

06 August 2020 Happy Builder Day!

A significant holiday for Russia will be celebrated next Sunday - the day of the builder!

The team of the "Innovative Technologies" enterprise is in a hurry to congratulate all the specialists involved in this day on their professional holiday. We wish you good health, success in your activities and successfully completed projects. And even if now is not the easiest times, we are looking forward with confidence. We believe that the construction industry of our country will confirm its historically established status as the locomotive of the economy and the challenges that we face now will be successfully overcome with the least losses and with high results.

Our company has been working on the problem of protecting the population of Russia from the radioactive gas Radon since 2013. We have certified and are introducing into construction the radon-protective material R-COMPOSIT RADON, which has no analogues in Russia and, probably, in the world. This product has also been successfully tested at the Coimbra University of Earth Problems (the most authoritative research institution in Europe), where it was proved that the use of R-COMPOSIT RADON effectively blocks the penetration of radon gas through enclosing structures by 96 ... 98%. Topic of radiation exposure by inhalation of gas At present, for some reason, Radon is not very popular, meanwhile, 60% of cases of radiation damage in the world are caused by this type of radiation damage.

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