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The company "Innovative Technologies" congratulates all the defenders of our Fatherland on the holiday! On this truly important day, we once again want to express our gratitude to everyone who stands in defense of our Motherland, for whom this duty is the most important in life. Thank you for the dedication with which you approach the fulfillment of an important mission - preserving a clear sky over the citizens of the Russian Federation!

Any building material has its own specific service life, which depends on many parameters. Various atmospheric influences have the greatest influence on the reduction of service life. And to preserve the original appearance of the structure, as well as its strength characteristics, protective compounds are used, which are designed to increase the service life of a particular building material.

Roof repair is always accompanied by a lot of work. First of all, it is necessary to carry out work to dismantle the existing roofing. Then you need to organize the removal and further disposal of the resulting construction waste, which is also a significant cost item during repairs. And only after that you can proceed to the subsequent work on the installation of a new roofing covering.

In December 2020, the results of the annual All-Russian competition “100 Best Russian Products” were announced. As a result, the company "Innovative Technologies" and its products - TWIN-MAST vapor barrier mastic and MEDIC-SEPT hand sanitizer - were awarded 1st degree diplomas and a laureate of the competition, respectively. It is of particular importance for us that the victory in the competition was won by a composition that helps in the fight against an urgent problem of our time - a pandemic, and the proceeds from the sale of this hand sanitizer are directed to the development of charitable programs of the Russian Red Cross.

Dear visitors of our site!

We sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming New Year holidays!

This year has become a defining one for many of us, it has indicated new opportunities and opened up new horizons for growth. Despite all the difficulties that we all had to face this year, we continue to move forward. We continue to win all-Russian competitions, expand the geography of exports, and launch new products. Of course, many projects have been adjusted or postponed, but we used this time to the maximum.

Dear partners, we would like to share good news with you!

On December 1, 2020, cooperation began between our organization and the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Red Cross"! The mission of this joint work is to establish the foundations for cooperation and interaction in the implementation of humanitarian projects of the Russian Red Cross, the development and joint implementation of charitable and information programs within the framework of the statutory activities of the Russian Red Cross, including those aimed at socially useful humanitarian activities in improving the social situation of the population, providing support and assistance (including social and charitable) to socially vulnerable segments of the population, as well as activities to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of emergencies, including natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc., promotion of gratuitous donation, development of the Public Movement "I am your donor".

Insulation of heating pipes in the basement is an effective measure to ensure savings in heating agent costs, as well as to create a comfortable temperature inside residential premises. Insufficient thermal insulation of the in-house wiring leads to the fact that an excessive level of heat is formed in the basement, while the heat may not reach the living quarters themselves. This leads to the fact that the residents of such a house begin to spend more money on additional electrical heating. Thermal insulation work in basements is complicated by the fact that the conditions in which specialists have to work are very difficult - this is the cramped space, insufficient illumination level, the complexity of the geometric shape of the pipelines , a large number of joints, bends, measuring instruments, valves, etc. Plus, work on thermal insulation with "classic" materials is accompanied by abundant dusting. Moreover, this dust is microscopic needles made of glass or basalt, which pose a high danger to the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory organs. That is, when working with such materials, special attention should be paid to providing executive personnel with high-quality personal protective equipment. The geometric shape of the pipelines and the large number of joints make it extremely problematic to wrap an object with a sheet metal cover layer. It should also be borne in mind that during operation, for example, in the event of an accident, basements are often flooded with water, which leads to the death of a layer of "classical" thermal insulation.

Buildings of livestock enterprises, where animals are directly kept, are objects with special requirements for the building materials used, construction technologies and engineering infrastructure. In the process of life, animals emit aggressive substances such as methane, acetone, ammonia and the like. These substances must be extremely promptly removed from the inhabited zone, but this cannot be done instantly, and therefore part of them can settle on enclosing and supporting building structures. Ammonia deposited on the surface of the supporting metal structure in a very short time leads to the appearance of rapidly progressive corrosion foci, which not only violate the aesthetic appearance, but also lead to a violation of the integrity and strength of the building.

On October 23, 2020 in Kazan in the "House of the Entrepreneur", the procedure for awarding the winners of the republican competition "Exporter of the Year-2019" was held. Our company, invariably, has been the winner of this competition in various nominations for several years in a row. This time we won the Best High-Tech Exporter Company nomination.

The construction projects of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and other power structures are highly responsible and often secret projects of state importance. For the use of construction and other materials at such facilities, a multi-level verification of documentation, quality and the counterparty itself is required. 

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