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1.1 The given technology guide describes the process of high-concentration priming coat «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» application for the following types of surfaces:

- concrete;

- sand cement screed;

- ceramic and sand-lime brick;

- wood;

- natural and man-made stone;

- cement-shaving slab;

- gypsum plasterboard;

- stainless steel;

- plain carbon steel;

- etc.

1.2. The high-concentration priming coat «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» presents a transparent liquid with a solvent faint smell. The primer is supplied in the form of concentrate and is diluted by xylene or butyl acetate in the required proportion.  

1.3. The high-concentration priming coat «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» must comply with the requirements of TU 2313-116-89189728-2011.

1.4 Each batch of «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» coating must be accompanied by a passport certifying the quality of products and each packing case should be marked by the manufacturer with the appropriate label.




2.1 Wire brushes and abrasive cloth.

2.2 Electromechanical tool for surface cleaning.

2.3 Brush and roller.

2.4 Wire brushes and abrasive cloth.

2.5. A compressor air spray pistol or an airless spray gun.




3.1 Any surface to be painted should be preliminary decontaminated and cleaned out of water-soluble salts, fats and oils, peelable particles, “cement milk”, dints of previous paint, etc. After cleaning the surface is desirable to dry by wet method, followed by drying with compressed air or natural way.

3.2 «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» coating should never be applied to dirty surfaces or surfaces covered with any paint coating material not compatible therewith.

3.3 Residual moisture of concrete, cement or gypsum foundations must not exceed 8%.




4.1 Application of «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» compound should be implemented on a dry and degreased surface at ambient temperature of the air and base coat within the limits of -20 up to +70 °С and at relative humidity at most 80%.

4.2 Never apply the coating on an unprotected surface before the rain. A fully dried coating is water-resistant.

4.3 Prior to works starting «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» concentrate must be diluted with xylene or butyl acetate in the desired proportions (Table 1) and mix thoroughly using electro-mechanical tool (drill, screwdriver) with a "mixer" nozzle.


Table 1. Concentrated «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» should be diluted in the following proportions:



Average concentrate/primer  consumption


1. For application to non-absorbent surfaces:

- complex steel;

- plain carbon steel;



1 kg of the concentrated primer for 4 kg of xylene


1 kg of the concentrated primer for 30 – 50 м² (depending on the surface configuration).


Primer consumption:

100-150 g /m².


2. For absorbing surfaces treatment before painting:

- armed concrete;

- sand cement screed;

- ceramic and sand-lime brick;

- wood;

- etc.


1 of the concentrated primer for 2 kg of xylene

1 kg of the concentrated primer for 15 – 30 м² (depending on the surface porosity).


Primer consumption:

100-200 g /m²


NOTE: Coating consumption is highly dependent on many factors that can increase it up to several times. Such factors are environmental conditions (wind speed), mechanized method of application (using a spray gun), inaccessibility of the application site, cramped application conditions, professionalism of executive personnel, absorbency and geometric shape of the surface.

4.4 The primer dries up to level 3 at ambient air temperature at most 1 hour. Application of the subsequent coatings should be implemented within 2-3 hours after precoating becomes "dry to touch".




5.1. «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» compound in a liquid form appears to be a fire-hazardous and explosive material. However, dried coating is not a source to give off toxic substances into the atmospheric air and air of the living premises in concentrations exceeding maximum permissible level in compliance with the requirements of sanitary regulations and standards (SanPiN) and hygienic norms GN

5.2. Never work with the coating in close proximity to hot or sparkling items, near open flame or in the presence of children.

5.3. If work is carried out indoors it is necessary to arrange over ventilation since high concentration of xylene vapors in the air of working zone can bring to spontaneous combustion.

5.4. When working with «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» compound you must observe the following precautions:

     - the room where the work of the coating application is implemented to be thoroughly ventilated;

- if work is performed by means of a brush or roller, it is necessary to use protective clothing (gloves, overalls, etc.), when you apply a paint-spraying pistol you must use the same means to protect eyes and respiratory organs (goggles and "Lepestok" respirator (Particulate Respirator).

5.5. All used personal protective equipment (PPE) must be certified and have sanitary certificates or sanitary and epidemiological inspection reports.

5.6. General safety requirements for industrial equipment must be in accordance with GOST 12.0.001 and 13.3.002. The requirements for production equipment and processes in accordance with GOST 12.2.003, SP, and SanPiN 1.2.2353-08 run as follows:

all manufacturing processes must be mechanized, it is necessary to provide maximum automation and maximum sealing of production equipment.

5.7. While manufacturing and testing «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» coating it is necessary to observe fire safety regulations according to GOST 12.1.004.




6.1 If the product hits your eyes promptly flush them with running water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

6.2 In case «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» hits you skin, promptly wash it with soap and running water. Contaminated clothing to be washed.

6.3 In case you have accidentally breathed in «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» vapours, obtain medical attention without delay.

6.4 To facilitate sweep-up after the product spillage it is recommended to use any absorbing material such as sand, soil, rags, etc.




7.1 High-concentration priming coat «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» is necessary to be in a manufacturer’s tightly closed package at ambient air temperatures within the range of -20 up to +35 С° and be prevented from direct sun light. 

7.2 «NANO-FIX™ PRIMER» uptime makes 12 months.

7.3 Avoid contact with direct sunlight and do not store near fire and heating appliances.

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