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Instructions for applying fire retardant coating «RE-FLAME» on wooden surfaces

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1.1 The present process instruction describes the process of application of fire-protective coating «RE-FLAME™»on wooden surfaces.

1.2 Materials used for protection shall meet the requirements of the appropriate engineering documentation. Fire-protective coating «RE-FLAME™» shall comply with TU2316-215-89189728-2011 requirements.

1.3 Each lot of the protective coating shall be accompanied with a certificate confirming the product quality, and each package shall be marked with a manufacturer’s label.


2.1 Set of pallet knives.

2.2 Hair brushes with natural long soft bristle.

2.3 Electromechanical tool for surface cleaning.

2.4 Airless high-pressure paint blower Graco, Wagner etc.

2.5 Compressor.


3.1 Prior to application of «RE-FLAME™» on wooden surfaces they shall be cleaned form dirt, dust, bark, oil spots and then dried.


4.1 Fire-protective coating «RE-FLAME™» is supplied as a finished product. However if necessary for dilution a compatible solvent may be added to the product modification (water for water soluble modification or xylene for organic soluble modification), as well as color paste may be added to the product (for coloring of the coating).

4.2 When diluting coating «RE-FLAME™» it should be noted that the total amount of substances to be added shall not exceed 5% of the total amount of the product.

4.3 Coating «RE-FLAME™» is applied layer by layer. Each layer thickness in the wet state is maximum 0.6 mm, and drying time of the coating is 12 hours at ambient temperature +20 °Сand air humidity maximum 70%. Decrease of ambient temperature or increase of air humidity will result in the reduction of drying speed and increase of drying time.

4.4 To achieve fire-retardant efficiency of Group I wood, it is necessary to apply «RE-FLAME™» coating in 1 layer. Dry coating thickness should be 0.27-0.30 mm. The consumption of the composition in this case will be 0.4 kg of «RE-FLAME™» per 1 m2 of surface.

NOTE:Coating consumption is highly dependent on many factors that can increase it up to several times. Such factors are environmental conditions (wind speed), mechanized method of application (using a spray gun), inaccessibility of the application site, cramped application conditions, professionalism of executive personnel, absorbency and geometric shape of the surface.

4.5 Conditions of application of water soluble coating «RE-FLAME™»: ambient temperature shall be within +5° Сto +50° С, air humidity shall not exceed 70%.

4.6 Conditions of application of organic soluble modification of coating «RE-FLAME™»: ambient temperature shall be within -20° Сto +50° С, air humidity shall not exceed 70%. At that in case of indoor activities the room shall have adequate ventilation since this modification is flammable (xylene containing).

4.7 If the operation of the «RE-FLAME™» coating involves the deposition of atmospheric precipitation on its surface, the coating should be painted with weather-resistant paint or enamel after complete drying.

4.8 In case the surfaces coated with «RE-FLAME™» require additional protection and wear resistance (outdoor operation) or decorative properties, 1-2 layers of high-duty protective polyurethane coating «S-COMPOSIT™» can be applied. Coating «RE-THERM™» can be as well applied on «RE-FLAME™» for giving heat-insulating properties to the protected structure.


5.1 Organic soluble modification of coating «RE-FLAME™» in the liquid state is fire and explosion hazardous material. Dried coating is not a source of emission of hazardous substances in atmospheric air and residential premises air in the concentrations exceeding MPC atm. air as per SanPiN and GN2.1.6.1338-03 requirements.

5.2 It is prohibited to use organic soluble modification of coating «RE-FLAME™» near hot or sparkling items, near open fire and in the presence of children.

5.3 If activities associated with use of organic soluble modification of coating «RE-FLAME™» are carried out indoors, it is required to provide for forced ventilation since in case of increased xylene vapors content in working air its inflammation is possible.

5.4 Water soluble modification of coating «RE-FLAME™» in the liquid state is not fire and explosion hazardous material. Dried coating is not a source of emission of hazardous substances in atmospheric air and residential premises air in the concentrations exceeding MPC atm. air as per SanPiN and GN2.1.6.1338-03 requirements.

5.5 When dealing with fire-protective composition «RE-FLAME™» the following safety precautions shall be taken:

  • - the room wherein the activities associated with coating application are carried out shall be ventilated;
  • - if the activities are carried out using a brush or a roller it is required to wear safety clothes  (gloves, overall etc.); when using paint blower it is required to apply equipment for eye and respiratory protection (glasses and gas mask “Lepestok”).

5.6 All personal protective equipment shall be certified and accompanied with hygienic certificates or safety and health certificates.

5.7 General safety requirements as per GOST 12.0.001 and GOST 13.3.002. Requirements for production equipment and processes as per GOST 12.2.003, SP and SanPiN 1.2.2353-08: processes shall be mechanized and maximum automation and maximum sealing of the production equipment shall be provided.

5.8 In the course of production and testing of coating «RE-FLAME™» requirements to fire safety as per GOST 12.1.004 shall be met.

5.9 All activities associated with production or testing of the coating shall be carries out in premises equipped with suction-and-exhaust ventilation as per GOST 12.04.021 ensuring sanitary state of working environment as per GOST 12.1.005 and health standards


6.1 In case of contact with eyes immediately wash the eyes with running water during 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical assistance.

6.2 In case of skin contact – wash with water and soap. Wash contaminated clothes.

6.3 In case of breathing remove to fresh air.

6.4 In case of leakage in order to facilitate cleaning use any absorbing material such as sand, soil, wiping waste etc.

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