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Instructions on application of water-proof coating «R-COMPOSIT™»



1.1 The present process instruction describes the process of application of water-proof coating «R-COMPOSIT™» on the following surface types:

  • metal;
  • concrete;
  • brick;
  • cement;
  • plaster;
  • roof slate;
  • roof tile;
  • old roof covering.

1.2 Materials used for protection shall comply with the requirements of appropriate engineering documentation. Water-proof coating «R-COMPOSIT™» shall comply with TU 5775-001-89189728-2011 requirements.

1.3 Each lot of the protective coating shall be accompanied with a certificate confirming the product quality, and each package shall be marked with a manufacturer’s label.


2.1 Set of pallet knives.

2.2 Hair brushes with natural long soft bristle.

2.3 Electromechanical tool for surface cleaning.

2.4 Metal brushes, abrasive paper.

2.5 Airless high-pressure paint blower Graco, Wagner etc.

2.6 Compressor.


3.1 The surface preparation for application of «R-COMPOSIT™» includes removal of any remains of concrete and materials which are not supposed to be a base for water-proof coating «R-COMPOSIT™».

3.2 When cleaning the surface take care to thoroughly clean any hollows, angles and joints.

3.3 After cleaning the surface shall be de-dusted using compressed air or other means.

3.4 New concrete surfaces shall gain 100% of the design strength.

3.5 Surface shall be dry (concrete surfaces shall be dry within minimum 48 hours prior to applying «R-COMPOSIT™»). Residual humidity shall not exceed 8%. A waterproofed surface should not have places of possible accumulation of water. Accumulation of water on coated surface for more than 14 days can lead to softening and deterioration of the coating.

3.6 In case of defects in surface represented by sharp elevation changes and shells in which water can accumulate it is required to eliminate such defects using plaster or acrylic spackling.

3.7 Joints, abutting joints and cracks shall be treated as follows: a reinforcing sheet with 2-4 mm mesh is laid on first working layer of «R-COMPOSIT™». At that, a 20 cm space is left on either side from the abutting joint (crack) and additional layer of «R-COMPOSIT™» is applied. Next layer of coating «R-COMPOSIT™» shall be applied as per the instruction. Thus, one additional layer shall be applied in places of application of the reinforcing sheet.

3.8 Temperature of the surface to be insulated as well as ambient temperature shall be not lower than +5 °Сand not higher than +70 °С, relative air humidity shall be not higher than 70 %.

3.9 Before starting work coating «R-COMPOSIT™» shall be thoroughly mixed.

3.10 As a primer use coating «R-COMPOSIT™» diluted with water in ratio 5:1 (per 1 kg of «R-COMPOSIT™» add 0.2 liters of water). Primer consumption is 200 - 250 g/m2. Primer consumption depends on the state of treated surface i.e. its hydrophilic property and worn-out state. For dilution use pure fresh or distilled water.

3.11 Primer shall be applied using a brush or a roller by 1 - 2 layers. Special attention shall be paid to treatment of cracks and joints using a brush.

3.12 Drying time of one priming layer at ambient temperature +20°С and relative air humidity 70% is maximum 2 hours. In case of drying conditions are not met the drying time will increase. Second priming layer shall be applied only after first layer is dried till “after-tack".


4.1 Open the container with water-proof composition.

4.2 Before starting work thoroughly mix «R-COMPOSIT™». If necessary for convenient application, the composition may be diluted with water but not exceeding 5% of the composition weight. For dilution only distilled or pure fresh water shall be used.

4.3 It is prohibited to apply the coating on wet or ice-covered surface! Surface temperature shall bi not lower than +5 °С. It is not recommended to work in wet weather since «R-COMPOSIT™» is diluted with water which results in increase of drying time. It is prohibited to apply the coating in rainy weather. Relative air humidity shall be maximum 70%.

4.4 The surface to be coated shall be clean, dry and dust-free.

4.5 Water-proof coating «R-COMPOSIT™» shall be applied using a roller, a brush with natural bristle or a rubber pallet knife (use of airless atomizer is possible) by several layers of 0.5 mm thickness each.

4.6 Second layer of the composition shall be applied after the first layer is dried till “after-tack”. Each subsequent layer shall be applied in the direction transverse to the previous layer. The total thickness of the dry coating shall be minimum 1 mm. Complete polymerization of coating «R-COMPOSIT™» takes 24 hours.

4.7 Consumption of «R-COMPOSIT™» to obtain a dry layer of 1.0 mm thickness is 1 – 1.2 kg/m2 depending on the surface state (irregularities, relief, number of joints etc.).

NOTE: Coating consumption is highly dependent on many factors that can increase it up to several times. Such factors are environmental conditions (wind speed), mechanized method of application (using a spray gun), inaccessibility of the application site, cramped application conditions, professionalism of executive personnel, absorbency and geometric shape of the surface.

4.8 Coating quality control - visual (sub-base shall not shine through the material layer). Each layer thickness of «R-COMPOSIT™» after application shall not exceed 0.5 mm. For precise measurement of the finished coating thickness it is recommended to use thickness gage for paint coating wet layer (for example, notch gauge Konstanta GU Universalnaya).


5.1 Water-proof coating «R-COMPOSIT™» has no toxic and skin-resorptive effect. As per GOST 12.1. 007 «R-COMPOSIT™» is referred to 4th Class of Hazard.

5.2  When dealing with the product it is recommended to use safety glasses and apron. When applying «R-COMPOSIT™» using the atomizer in a closed room without ventilation it is recommended to use gas mask ShB-11 “Lepestok- 200” GOST 12.4.028. If ventilation is adequate or in case of outdoor activities gas masks are not required.

5.3  Storage and application of water-proof coating «R-COMPOSIT™» are not associated with meeting any special safety requirements since the product is fire and explosion safe.

5.4  Storage and transportation of the water-proof coating shall be carried out in tightly closed containers at temperature not lower than +5 °Сand not higher than +35 °С.

5.5  Only personnel who studied the instruction on application of the water-proof coating shall be allowed to independent work associated with application of the coating.

5.6  Water-proof composition «R-COMPOSIT™» meet TU 5775-001-89189728-2011 requirements 


6.1 In case of contact with eyes immediately wash the eyes with running water during 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical assistance.

6.2 In case of skin contact – wash with water and soap. Wash contaminated clothes.

6.3 In case of breathing remove to fresh air.

6.4 In case of leakage in order to facilitate cleaning use any absorbing material such as sand, soil, wiping waste etc.

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