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1.1 The present process instruction describes the process of application of highly-concentrated treatment «NANO-FIX™» on the following surface types:

- reinforced concrete;

- sand cement screed;

- ceramic brick and lime-sand brick;

- wood;

- natural and artificial stone;

- cement bonded particle board;

- gypsum plasterboard;

- etc.


1.2. Highly-concentrated treatment «NANO-FIX™» is milky-white liquid with faint peculiar odor. The product is supplied as a concentrate. Prior to application it is diluted with water in required ratio.

1.3. Highly-concentrated treatment «NANO-FIX™» shall comply with TU 2313-116-89189728-2011 requirements.

1.4 Each lot of «NANO-FIX™» shall be accompanied with a certificate confirming the product quality, and each package shall be marked with a manufacturer’s label.




2.1 Metal brushes, abrasive paper.

2.2 Electromechanical tool for surface cleaning.

2.3 Brush, roller.

2.4 Metal brushes, abrasive paper.

2.5 Paint blower either air-controlled or airless.




3.1 The surface to be painted shall be previously cleaned from contaminations, water-soluble salts, fat, oil, peeling particles, “cement milk”, old paint remains etc. After the surface is cleaned it should be treated by a method of wet de-dusting followed by drying with compressed air or in natural way.

3.2 Application of «NANO-FIX™» on dirt surface or surface incompatible with «NANO-FIX™» is prohibited.

3.3 Residual humidity of concrete, cement or plaster bases shall not exceed 8%.




4.1 «NANO-FIX™» shall be applied on dry clean surface at ambient temperature and base temperature +5 to +40 °С and maximum residual air humidity 80%.

4.2 It is not allowed to apply the coating on unprotected surface before rain. Completely dried coating is water-resistant.

4.3 Before starting work concentrate «NANO-FIX™» shall be diluted with water in required ratio (Table 1) and thoroughly mix using an electromechanical tool (drill, electric screwdriver) with device “mixer”. For dilution, distilled or pure drinking water (from centralized water supply sources) may be used.

Table 1. Dilution ratio of concentrate «NANO-FIX™»:



Average consumption of concentrate / treatment

1. For reduction of absorption capacity and improvement of adhesion:

- prior to applying paintwork material;

- prior to applying “heavy” filler paste;

- for outdoor activities;

- when applying on heavy dusting (due to weak surface structure) walls and ceilings;



1 liter of concentrate per 8 liters of water 

1 liter of concentrate per  50 – 100 m² (depending on surface porousness).


Treatment consumption:

90-180 g/m².


2. For treatment of absorbing surfaces prior to painting, wall-papering, filler paste application etc.


1 liter of concentrate per 14 liters of water

1 liter of concentrate per 75 – 150 m² (depending on surface porousness).


Treatment consumption:

100-200 g/m².


3. For water-proofing of porous and sensitive to moisture surfaces.


1 liter of concentrate per 1 liter of water

1 liter of concentrate per 10 - 15 m² (depending on surface porousness).


Treatment consumption:

100-150 g/m².


4. For giving protective and decorative properties to various surfaces made of:



-facing plaster;

- etc.


1 liter of concentrate per 5 liters of water

1 liter of concentrate per 60 – 90 m2 (depending on surface porousness).


Treatment consumption:

100-150 g/m2.

NOTE: Coating consumption is highly dependent on many factors that can increase it up to several times. Such factors are environmental conditions (wind speed), mechanized method of application (using a spray gun), inaccessibility of the application site, cramped application conditions, professionalism of executive personnel, absorbency and geometric shape of the surface.



5.1 In case of contact with eyes immediately wash the eyes with running water during 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical assistance.

5.2 In case of skin contact – wash with water and soap. Clean contaminated clothes.

5.3 In case of breathing immediately seek medical assistance.

5.4 In case of leakage in order to facilitate cleaning use any absorbing material such as sand, soil, wiping waste etc.


6.1 Highly-concentrated treatment «NANO-FIX™» shall be stored in tightly closed original containers, protected from heat and direct sunlight at temperature +5 to +35 С°.

6.2 Shelf life of «NANO-FIX™» is 12 months.

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