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It is designed to provide adhesion to plastics, non-ferrous metal surfaces, as well as to surfaces made of stainless steel, galvanized iron, carbon steel, etc.

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NANO-FIX PRIMER in its composition is a highly concentrated solution of acrylic resins and organic solvents with the addition of nanoscale plasticizers and modifiers.

Recommended application:

NANO-FIX PRIMER is designed to obtain soil for surface treatment of aluminum, magnesium, titanium alloys, carbon and stainless steel.

Appearance and color of the coating:

Uniform, glossy, transparent, the shade is not normalized

Relative viscosity at Viscometer-246 (nozzle diameter 4 mm)

At a temperature (20±2)°C from 24 to 36 seconds.

Mass fraction of non-volatile substances: 40-60 %

Drying time to degree 3: At a temperature (20±2)°C not more than 1 hour


Preparation of primer:

Before use, the composition of NANO-FIX PRIMER should be diluted with an organic solvent (butyl acetate or xylol) per 1 kg of NANO-FIX PRIMER 2 – 4 kg of solvent, depending on the requirements for the surface. The resulting primer should be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous liquid consistency is obtained.

Surface preparation:

Prepared Prime coating is applied on previously cleaned (sanding, blasting or with wire brushes) and fat-free surface.

Application method:

Airless or pneumatic spraying, brush.

Application conditions:

Painting works are carried out at an ambient temperature from minus 30°C to plus 30°C and relative humidity of air is not higher than 80%

Consumption per layer:

150-250 g/m²

Recommended thickness of one layer:

0,05-0,1 mm

Recommended number of layers:

1-2 layers


Butyl acetate, xylol

Cleaning tools:

Butyl acetate, xylol

Subsequent coating:

On top of the soil NANO-FIX PRIMER is applied the enamel with a minimum thickness of 25 microns after 2-3 hours after drying of the primer to "tack-free".

As cover enamels are recommended: PF-115, PF-167, VС-110, VС-113, VС-124, VС-16, VС-785, EP-1236, EP-140, EP-51, EP-525, special coating RE-THERM, R-COMPOSITE, RE-FLAME, etc.

Precautionary measures

The material is flammable! Do not work near open sources of fire. Work with good ventilation using personal protective equipment. Avoid contact with the respiratory and digestive system. If the material gets on the skin, wash it with warm water and soap.

Transportation and storage

Concentrate NANO-FIX PRIMER is transported by all modes of transport at a temperature of +5°C...+35°C, under conditions that ensure the integrity of the container and protection from atmospheric precipitation. It is allowed to cool the product to -40°C and heat up to +40°C for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Primers should be stored in a packed form in the closed rooms at temperature +5°C... + 35°C, excluding them from direct sunlight and moisture. It is allowed to cool the product to -40°C and heat up to +40°C for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Manufacturer's guarantee

LLC “Innovative technologies” guarantees compliance of the concentrate NANO-FIX PRIMER to requirements of technical conditions at observance of conditions of transportation and storage by the consumer.

The warranty period of storage of concentrate is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

After the warranty period, before the use of NANO-FIX PRIMER is subject to verification of compliance with the technical requirements. When establishing compliance, it can be used by the consumer for its intended purpose.

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