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The human audible spectrum of sound waves ranges from 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz (20 KHz). This spectrum is divided into low, medium and high frequencies. Low frequencies are sound waves in the range from 10 Hz (the human doesn’t hear these waves, but feels like vibrations) to 200 Hz. Midrange is a sound in the range of 200 Hz to 4 KHz. High-frequency sound is waves with a frequency from 6 KHz to 20 KHz.. Sound surrounds us everywhere and in complete silence, there is always a certain sound background. The noise level (sound) is measured in Decibels (Db). This is a relative value and we cannot say that the noise level of 50 DB and 100 DB in audibility differs in two times. For example, the noise level of 38 DB is almost silence, 90-105 DB is the cry of a man and 120 DB is the sound of a jet taking off.

Жидкая теплоизоляция  SR-GLUE

The sound that surrounds us is not always pleasant to us and often brings significant discomfort; therefore, humanity has invented and is constantly developing new sound-insulating, sound-reflecting and sound-absorbing materials and structures. This is especially true in residential areas where people are always looking for peace and would not want to be subjected to various external influences from neighbors and other external factors.

All fibrous, closed-pore and open-pore materials are so-called sound-absorbing materials and reduce the sound effect from medium and high frequency waves effectively. However, often the source of noise is the vibrations from the construction of the instrument, bass music, etc. In respect of such noise sources, these materials are ineffective.

To solve the problem of sound insulation from low frequency noise, our company has developed a unique polymer sound insulation compound called SR-GLUE. This material applied to the wall surface in the system of almost any sheet materials effectively prevents the passage of sound waves in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 200 Hz. It transforms the energy of these waves into weak thermal radiation.

Soundproof compound SR-GLUE reduces the level of sound transmission of the structure by 90%. For reference: as a rule, the thickness of the interior partition (including between apartments) in most houses is 200 mm.

Adding the SR-GLUE sound insulation system with a thickness of 25-50 mm, the consumer will receive a sound insulation level equal to the sound insulation level with an ordinary wall of 1200 mm thickness!

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