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The R-COMPOSIT waterproofing coating is a polymeric (without bituminous) material with a wide range of applications. This product was developed using the most modern technologies and materials. R-COMPOSIT has unique properties: the highest strength, resistance to static water and salt and alkali solutions.

Waterproofing coating R-COMPOSIT is a mixture of micro particles of marble from one to four microns in size (that provide the highest resistance of the coating to external factors). They are in the polymer composition of latex, target additives, plasticizers, flame-retardants, etc.

The scope of R-COMPOSIT is all types of flat roofs (both new and used), reverse waterproofing of bathrooms and kitchens, waterproofing of swimming pools, foundations, any other enclosing structures that require protection from water penetration.

In contrast to the bitumen-based waterproofing materials, the application of R-COMPOSIT does not require the use of fire and organic solvents (gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.). Therefore, the application process is easy and safe. Waterproofing material R-COMPOSIT is an environmentally friendly and fireproof composition. Unique low combustibility and flammability (C1 and F1) allow using it at hazardous facilities.

Linear tension of R-COMPOSIT is 509%! This is the best indicator among all possible competitors. Most waterproofing materials are not able to provide this figure even at the level of 300%. This figure suggests that, before rupture of the coating R-COMPOSIT, it is necessary to stretch 5 times relative to its original size. After the exposure is stopped, it will return to its original size. This indicator is provided by the highest quality and the finest selection of raw materials from the world's leading manufacturers, combined with a high level of knowledge and training of our scientists. The high rate of linear stretching allows the polymer waterproofing coating R-COMPOSIT to maintain the integrity of the layer even with the appearance of micro-cracks in the structure of the base on that it is applied.



The base color coating R-COMPOSIT is white (can be colored according to palette RAL). This property gives the coating a number of invaluable consumer advantages in relation to the usual bituminous waterproofing materials. First, it contributes to the reflection of solar radiation that saves on air-conditioning of the upper floors of the building. Secondly, the surface of the roof, covered with bitumen waterproofing, in the process of operation is exposed to enormous exposure to solar radiation. On a hot day, even in a Russian climate with predominantly low air temperatures, the surface of the roof highly overheated. Systematic thermal effects and overheating of the waterproofing layer lead to increased oxidation and weathering of polymers and early aging. Roofs made with the application of bitumen-containing materials are covered with cracks for 3-5 years of operation and they become unusable and require major repairs after a couple of years.

R-COMPOSITwill help to solve this problem, if the roll material of a flat roof is worn, covered with cracks and delamination. The application of a layer thickness of only 1 mm will allow repairing the former in operation of the roof without dismantling the old worn roofing material. It saves the customer a huge amount of time, effort and financial costs, as it eliminates not only the painstaking and hard work on the direct dismantling of the worn material, but also eliminates the cost of its transportation and disposal.

Environmentally friendly coating R-COMPOSIT allows additional security to work with them in confined spaces without additional ventilation and to apply it inside the premises (including residential). Do not be afraid that it will exude unpleasant odors during operation and release toxic substances into the air.

Waterproofing of roofs of complex configurations (with a large number of geometric elements, angles, joints, air ducts, chimneys, antennas and other structural and engineering features) is not an easy task and requires complex technological solutions and operations for processing the abutments. R-COMPOSIT is applied in a continuous smooth layer without joints that are visible at use roll materials. In 90% of cases, the source of leakage is joints. The absence of joints, high adhesion to coated materials and ease of applications technology allow applying R-COMPOSIT on objects of the most complex configurations using standard painting tools (brush, roller, spray) and the involvement of a minimum number of executive personnel. This advantage and the minimum period of inter-layer drying (just a few hours) save the customer and the contractor time and money for waterproofing works.

The coating R-COMPOSIT is available in a standard modification (water-based) and frost-resistant modification of R-COMPOSIT FROST. This modification can be used not only at plus temperatures, but also in winter! The application of this modification should be made at air temperatures up to -20 °C! Thus, work on the device of the roof with the application of R-COMPOSIT can be made all year round, regardless of the time of year.

Highslide JSSumming up we emphasize the main advantages of coatings R-COMPOSIT:

  • The basis of the coating R-COMPOSIT is a marble-acrylic mixture modified with special additives that has a unique strength, resistance to external factors and stretching of 509%;
  • The white color of the roof will not only significantly extend its service life, but also save money on air-conditioning of the upper floors of buildings by reflecting the solar heat;
  • Waterproofing R-COMPOSIT is an environmentally friendly coating that is water-soluble before polymerization. It does not emit harmful substances into the air for humans;
  • Indicators of flammability and flammability of the coating provide the resulting waterproofing composition with high fire safety;
  • The absence of seams and joints in the waterproofing carpet in conjunction with the highest rates of adhesion guarantee the absence of leaks for a period at least 15 years;
  • Persons who do not have special skills in waterproofing, using the usual painting tools (brush, roller and spray gun) can produce application of polymer coating R-COMPOSIT;
  • Waterproofing R-COMPOSIT can be used not only on roofs, but also on enclosing structures inside the premises due to its environmental friendliness.

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