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The trolleybus depot in Minsk serves more than 220 trolleybuses and is the largest in the Republic of Belarus. However, the maintenance of such a number of vehicles requires significant areas that need to be maintained in order. As a rule, such objects are municipal property, therefore, the purchased materials must have a long operational period to be affordable.

On the most patriotic of all holidays, we hasten to congratulate all the people involved in this date on the day of Defender of the Fatherland! Let your difficult task - to defend your homeland - always be an occasion for the pride of our fellow citizens. Each calm day of our lives, we owe the courage and bravery of hundreds of thousands of people who guard our borders, public order, our achievements in science and technology. We wish you good health and endlessly bright days in life. Let the fighting spirit help you to meet your goals, and family and friends will be a reliable support in all matters!

In the period from January 21 to 24, 2020, one of the most important specialized exhibition events of the region, the exhibition "Construction and Architecture", was held in Krasnoyarsk. It was attended not only by Russian companies, but also manufacturers of building and finishing materials from the CIS countries.

At the end of December 2019, a traditional meeting of residents took place in the administrative building of Technopolis “Khimgrad”, in which the management of “Khimgrad” JSC, as well as invited guest speakers, took part. In addition to a general debriefing, plans for 2020 and current issues on promoting the products of Tatarstan manufacturers in the Russian and international markets were discussed.

On December 12, 2019, Moscow hosted the conference of the “Academy of Quality Problems” and the award ceremony for the winners of the “100 Best Russian Products” contest. This competition is one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions in the field of quality, which was created on a scientific basis in conjunction with Rosstandart, "Academy of Quality Problems" and  "Standards and Quality" agency. And the main goal of the project remains, as before, to support domestic producers, to stimulate them to relentlessly improve the quality and competitiveness of products.

On December 25, 2019, the awarding ceremony for the winners and laureates of the contest “Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan”, which is a regional stage of the All-Russian contest “100 Best Goods of Russia”, was attended by the First Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Nigmatullin, as well as Minister of Trade and Industry Albert Karimov and others.

Dear partners!

Another year passed, which left a mark in each of us - new experience, new views, new acquaintances and discoveries. At the same time, only one thing remains unchanged - our desire to move forward. It leads us to achievements, victories and development, inspires and gives us strength in order to move on.

A distinctive feature of public places is the increased load on building and finishing materials, which are associated with the constant presence of people and their activities. Repair work is also complicated by the fact that public institutions cannot be closed for a long time, which means that all work must be carried out in a reduced mode. Moreover, if we are talking about childcare or school facilities, then the materials are also subject to special safety requirements and compliance with sanitary standards. These factors impose significant restrictions on the choice of materials that can be used on such objects.

Energy, whatever it is, sets in motion absolutely everything around. It is difficult to imagine our life without electricity, heat, water, comfortable temperature. It is these benefits of civilization that make our life many times more convenient, allowing us to concentrate on more important things. Science, data transfer - all this moves forward, making our life even more perfect. However, it all started from the moment when a person managed to "tame" the energy and learn how to use it for their needs.

On November 22, 2019, representatives of Innovative Technologies LLC held a round table dedicated to the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Tuva Construction College. The leadership and the teaching staff of the educational institution, representatives of other educational institutions, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Tuva, representatives of the Supreme Hural (Parliament) of the Republic of Tuva showed interest in participating in the event.

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